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What Makes Us Different

Sandia Farms was created for the people, by the people who are sick and tired of the same old preservatives and toxic chemicals that are being pumped into the food system. Simply put, we are going back to the basics of farming. Our current food landscape can certainly be tricky. With the FDA allowing certain chemicals to be in production alongside what we consume, we really need to question where our food comes from. Following the trail, we see that we are consuming products made and grown in other countries where there are different agencies that have a hand in the game with different rule books. Somehow we have gotten to the point where we stopped questioning what we consume until we have an underlying health condition. What we are trying to do is shorten the time frame between an organically grown product, to being in the hands of the consumer. Bottom line is that we want to make a difference in peoples lives and are willing to put in the man hours to fulfill that goal without the careless act of chemical intervention. 


Growing vegetables & mushrooms requested by chefs and distributors



Being able to meet customer demands on a weekly/daily basis


Growing food with organic practices 


We deliver produce at no additional charge and deliver same day as harvest in Richmond, Virginia.

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